How to Get Used to your New Hearing Aid

Child with hearing aidWearing your hearing aid for the first might be an overwhelming experience. After a shorter or maybe longer period of not hearing well the sounds, you are suddenly overwhelmed by so many and so loud voices, sounds. It takes patience and consistency, and you will ultimately get used to your hearing aid. Don’t feel frustrated or irritated, just keep in mind the following facts and you should be fine.

My own voice sounds strange to me…

This is absolutely normal. Hearing aids pick up the sounds through a digital instrument. Therefore, your own voice will sound different, less natural. The greatest majority of users get used to this within a few weeks. It just takes a little patience.

A feeling that your ears are plugged

Especially if you wear in the canal hearing device, you will have the sensation that your ears are plugged. This is just normal, but over time, you will get used to the weight of the device and it will become more and more comfortable. Just give it some time…

Everything seems so noisy!

If you are suddenly in a room with a lot of people where conversations are going on, music is too loud, or if you are walking on the streets, everything will seem too loud. By wearing your hearing aid just for a few days, you are basically hearing sounds you haven’t heard in a very long time. Suddenly, all these noises and sounds seem overwhelming, but after a few days your ears will adjust to the sound levels and you will feel comfortable again.

Are you looking for a Siemens hearing aid?Excessive noise because of the wind

This is yet another common complaint of people wearing hearing aids for the first time. When you are outside and the wind is blowing, the microphone within the hearing aid will amplify the sound of the wind as well. You will have the sensation that the hearing aid is excessively noisy, and in such cases you should adjust the volume to a comfortable level when you are outside. When you are again at home, you can readjust the sound level back to normal levels. After some time you will not need to make these adjustments for different environments, because you will get used to these changes.

Making communication better with hearing aids

Check out below a few tips on how you can maximize the benefits of wearing a hearing aid, and get the best communication experiences:

  • In the beginning pay more attention to gestures and face mimics This will help you understand quicker and better what the other person is saying
  • Ask your communication partner to repeat the sentence only once. If you still do not understand, kindly ask him to rephrase everything. This will give you a different perspective, and you might understand better what is being said
  • Constantly going through hearing tests and scans can get too much. Make sure you have the right hearing aids.
  • Communication errors should be treated lightly, with humor!
  • Don’t listen to several people talking at one time. Kindly ask them to take turns, so that you have to focus only on one person.
  • Siemens have a wide range of hearing aid products, one of which is waterproof and can be submerged 1m. Siemens hearing aids are some of the best worldwide. Hearing aids by Siemens are a great choice for someone who requires aid to hear.
  • When you make new acquaintances it is advisable that you inform people about your hearing loss problem, and give advice on how they should talk to you. If you wear a less visible hearing aid, people cannot actually know that you struggle with hearing loss…